What’s in the Name?

What's in the Name?

After being a blogger for two years with another blog, I decided to start something new. I wanted a place on the World Wide Web which represented me and my style. This is a personal menswear blog after all! I found this beautiful design easily and fell in love with the clean look. But than I had to come up with a new name, which was harder than I thought.

You might think while reading the title: ‘Mr. What?’ For those who don’t know French, Lunettes is a pair of glasses and you’ll see quite soon than I’m wearing a pair. Somewhere in high school, my eyes started to get bad and soon I couldn’t see clearly. After wearing glasses because I had to, I started to see my required second pair of eyes as an accessory. I experimented with different shapes, colours and brands and I found my best fit just recently. If you’re wondering, my specs are from Ace & Tate.

Along the way, people started to recognise me from my glasses. But it also goes the other way around. One time, I wasn’t even recognised by one of my best friends when I took them off for a second. So my glasses fit my style and to the outside world they are part of my signature look. Hence the name: Mr. Lunettes.

Stay tuned for more!


Photo: Naile Güngör

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