A Friend for Life

A Friend for Life

A Friend for LifeA Friend for Life

Till this day, I’m thankful for the brilliance of Irving Schott. Irving who? The man who gave birth to the most praised outerwear item in modern times: the biker jacket. In 1928, Schott designed a leather jacket with an asymetrical zipper. This fit gave bikers the space to move their body and be able to lean over their bikes. Nowadays, every modern man and woman has at least one adapted version of this oldtimer. And when you finally discover your perfect version, it could be your best friend.

I actually found mine this summer. After finishing my second year of college for which I worked hard, I found that I deserved something nice. Great timing as it was, I decided to check out the new ground floor of a luxury department store in Amsterdam. Of course, I took a peek at the men’s department where the sale just started.

And that’s where I found this bad boy: A brown leather jacket from Sandro, one of my favourite brands. The suede is super soft, I love the chunky zippers and details on the shoulders. Because the brown colour really pops, it gives every day-to-day look a great boost. And than of course, as every favourite essential should, it’s comfortable and warm enough for chilly days. The quality of this heavy leather assures me a lifetime of fun wearing the jacket. With buying this, I really made a friend for life.

Have a great weekend, guys!


A Friend for LifeA Friend for LifeA Friend for LifeA Friend for Life

What I’m wearing:

Suede Leather Jacket: Sandro

Collarless shirt: Pull & Bear

Jeans: Nudie Jeans

Chelsea Boots: Selected Homme

Photography: Naile Güngör

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