Mark the Spots

Mark the Spots

Mark the SpotsMark the Spots

Just as souvenirs, jewellery and special presents, pieces of clothing can have a personal meaning. In this outfit, that’s the case for me twice. It is actually more a memory and a reminder. Because both items date back to an experience I love to think back to.

Enough with being sentimental, let’s cut to the chase. I bought this spots print shirt in Berlin, my first solo trip ever. Being on myself in a strange city actually felt liberating and relaxing, knowing that I could be on my own and take care of things myself.

And than the watch. The brand Cluse offers a clean collection of watches with a marble dial. This black version was a going-away present from my colleagues at Metro Lifestyle. I was an intern there for three months. I did interviews with designers, I wrote a lot of short articles and I had the change to go to Amsterdam Fashion Week. Besides having the time of my life, this short period of time was a confirmation of me being able to really become a fashion journalist. In case you didn’t know, being a fashion journalist is my main goal after finishing college. Maybe something more about that later.

Luckily, these items marking spots in my life also form a great outfit. I’m a big fan of pieces with a striking print, an unusual fit or beautiful textures. Because it gives an edge to your simple look. Classic leather shoes, fitted jeans and maybe an accessory or two and you’re good to go this weekend.

Make this weekend count!


Mark the SpotsMark the SpotsMark the SpotsMark the SpotsMark the Spots

What I’m wearing:

Shirt: Libertine-Libertine

Jeans: Everyday Counts

Chelsea Boots: Selected Homme

Watch: Cluse

Photography: Naile Güngör

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