Relaxing at the Prominent Men’s Lounge

Relaxing at the Prominent Men's Lounge

People should relax more. That is the key message of this particular pop-up lounge that is open for public this week. 

Relaxing at the Prominent Men's Lounge

Chair manufacturer Prominent teamed up with Dutch TV-host Humberto Tan, according to Holland the most relaxed celebrity, to design a collection of modern armchairs that is just as comfortable as it is stylish. You could give the collection a try if you’ll end up in the Kalverstraat. Because there you will find an actual Men’s Lounge. You could play a game of FIFA17 or get a shave from a barber. Drink a freshly brewed espresso while you’re at it, or listen to some vintage records. Prominent opened this pop-up lounge for men who are tired of running after their partners shooting in and out of stores while shopping. Instead of waiting outside the dressing rooms, they can enjoy themselves.

Even though this is a men’s lounge, it’s not that women aren’t allowed. Surely, there are enough women who would want to try the lounge, especially the armchairs, and have a swing with the Xbox. And it’s not that every man hates shopping with their partner. But still, it’s nice that Amsterdam’s most crowded street has a place where guys could relax. Too bad you can relax only for a week though. Because the Prominent Men’s Lounge is open until sunday October 16, you’ll find it at Kalverstraat 101.

Have a good one today, guys!


Relaxing at the Prominent Men's LoungeRelaxing at the Prominent Men's Lounge

Image 1, 4 & 9: Rob ter Bekke

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