Soft Sand

Soft Sand

Soft SandSoft Sand

This outfit might be a look for fall, a jumper to keep me warm and all. But this day-to-day outfit reminds me of the summer I didn’t have. Because my summer wasn’t all sunny beaches, sand between my toes and warm nights along the boulevard. And after getting back to college, I found out I missed that. I only had a small solo-citytrip to Berlin (which was great!), but that wasn’t the big summer holiday I actually wanted. So I’m already in my head with future summer plans for 2017. At least, I know I have a summer wedding in Hungary, so I’ll plan a citytrip to Budapest. Still no beach sand though..

‘You got all of that out of one outfit?’ Yes, I did, all because of the colours. They’re light, especially for fall. Stone and cream-white are shades that fit way better with spring. But the fabrics are soft and warm enough, so they’ll definitely belong to autumn weather.

Still speaking about holidays and citytrips: while this outfit comes online, I’m in the plane on my way to London! Just a quick getaway full of strolling around markets, shopping in Shoreditch and enjoying the Sixties lifestyle at the V&A.

So up front: greetings from London!


Soft SandSoft SandSoft SandSoft Sand

What I’m wearing:

Jumper: Minimum

Jeans: Jack&Jones Premium

Trainers: Converse All-Star II

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