Gift Guide for Gents 2016

Gift Guide for Gents 2016

‘Tis the season! Well, in the Netherlands it is at least. Because not only do we celebrate Christmas, we also have a celebratory day called ‘Sinterklaas’.

On the night of December 5th Sinterklaas and his helpers climb all the rooftops of every house in Holland & Belgium and they come baring gifts for the children. They slide them down the chimney for the kids to receive their presents. Sounds familiar? That’s because Santa Claus is an actual deterioration from Sinterklaas. Santa’s origin story was inspired by Sinterklaas and Father Christmas because of the stories Dutch colonists brought to America. Now you know.

That’s why I decided to post a gift guide already. And it’s also because of the beautiful Christmas windows in stores and the playlists on Spotify that I’m in the holiday vibe. At my house, we play Secret Santa instead of doing Sinterklaas and I sometimes struggle with putting together a wishlist. So for fellows having a hard time finding inspiration I’ve put together this Gift Guide for Gents.

Gift Guide for Gents 2016

Grey backpack: Rains / Smartwatch: Fossil Q via De Bijenkorf / Set of 4 Tumblers: Nachtmann via Blokker / Cookbook ‘GQ Eats’ via / Socks: COS / Book: Paul Arden via Urban Outfitters / Jumper: TOPMAN / Enamel Mug: ASOS


Featured image: Instagram

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