Even though I usually prefer a fitted style to a baggy and more relaxed fit, cold days are the excuse for a snuggly winter knit. (That rhymed..)

Some days it might not even be that cold, but still my body acts like it’s freezing. I can’t really warm up after I get out of bed or even after I shower. I think it’s my body getting used to the coming winter. But on those days, I know it is time for a heavy knit to protect me against the biting cold.

This time I pulled out my mocha-coloured sweater from Allsaints to give me that warm feeling I needed that day. Pairing it with slim fit jeans and fall-ready boots, I was ready to go. Because school ended early, me and my friend (and amazing photographer) Naile decided to warm up some more with a Flat White at Benji’s in Amsterdam. To me, coffee is the answer to everything. Meeting up with people? Drinking coffee. Time to kill? Get a cup of coffee. Need to warm up and relax? You get the point. And since I work in the coffee business (and consider myself to know quite a bit about it), I decided to share that knowledge by posting a cool coffee hotspot in Amsterdam every once in a while.

I know, it might not be the most original idea. But besides showing around the interior of a spot and checking out their menu, I don’t read a lot about the coffee itself. And that’s probably because usually everyone orders a cappuccino these days. So stay tuned for that!

Adding to that, I’m sipping on my double espresso before taking off to the gym. Heading into a weekend of work and study, I sure hope yours will be a bit more exciting.

Enjoy your weekend, guys!



What I’m wearing:

Knitted jumper: Allsaints / Jeans: Zara

Chelsea Boots: Selected Homme

Photography: Naile Güngör

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