Layer Up

Layer Up

Layer UpLayer Up

Instead of wearing one big fluffy item to keep me warm, I’d rather layer my outfit to beat the winter cold. It’s also more interesting to look at. 

The weather in Holland at the moment is neither cool or freezing. Rainy days bring cold that make you shiffer, but it’s easy to protect yourself from that. Every fall season I try to keep my scarf, gloves and padded shoes in the closet for as long as I can. I’m always a bit scared that I wouldn’t have much use for them if I wear it all too early. Otherwise I get used to the warmth too soon, resulting in me feeling cold in actual winter when I’m outside.

So to cover the time between wearing a single jacket and snuggling into total outerwear, I layer pieces to shield myself from biting breezes. A wool top coat keeps out the cold while a thinner jacket or cardigan captures your body heat. You’ll have your long sleeve tee or jumper to cover your body comfortably.

I do feel that the cold is getting worse and only layering isn’t going to work anymore. I’m yet still searching for good winter accessories. And when I find them, I’ll of course feature the pieces right here.

Make this wednesday count!


Layer UpLayer UpLayer UpLayer Up

What I’m wearing:

Coat: ASOS / Jacket: Lee

T-shirt: Anerkjendt / Jeans: Nudie Jeans

Trainers: Converse All-Stars II

Photography: Naile Güngör

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