Style Thief: Eric Rutherford

Style Thief: Rutherford

My favourite part of Instagram is getting inspired by users who post amazing outfits or take shots of beautiful landscapes. In these modern times social influencers, digital marketeers and fashion editors use Instagram as a medium to promote and advertise. Eric Rutherford is a good example of that group of people. He himself calls his job ‘working with brands in different capacities’. And with 151k Insta-followers this model, event planner, brand strategist and social media contributor is a good asset to promote your brand. Especially if he has a sophisticated style that inspires many, including me. So in this new Style Thief I present Eric Rutherford, the social silver fox.

He loves his DB

Style Thief: Eric Rutherford

Double-breasted blazers have lost their preppy image long ago, since this item is now more of sophisticated showpiece. The different silhouette with two row button-structure broadens the wearer’s shoulders, giving him a more masculine look. Especially if you already have a fit physique like mr. Rutherford. Picking a DB-blazer with a special element like a bold colour or a subtle pattern makes the outfit all the more interesting.

No simple coat for Eric

Style Thief: Eric Rutherford

Just like his blazers, Eric’s coats are his assets of finishing a basic outfit with a bang. Especially overcoats are the way to make some heads turn. A bright colour or heavy print is more out there when you see it on a larger item like these long winter coats. And all you need than is a crisp white shirt, a pair of fitted trousers and leather boots to beat this coming winter.

He knows his essentials

Style Thief: Eric Rutherford

Oh, how I love a guy who can pull of an ensemble consisting of only basic items. Jeans, a white T-shirt, trainers: it can be that simple. It must be his attitude that wears this outfit. Maybe I could take some attitude lessons, Eric?

Rutherford wears his jackets well

Style Thief: Eric Rutherford

And than his more bold side. Big prints, flashy shades, sleek fits and he channels them mostly through jackets. That outfit based on essentials turns 180 degrees when you simply put on a showstopping jacket. It’s all about balance and the right amount of contrast. Eric Rutherford proves that is really not that hard to pull of. Or does it just seem to be so?

Images: Instagram

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