Out of the Forest

Out of the Forest

Out of the ForestOut of the Forest

I love the darker, deeper shades that you see in winter apparel so much. It looks like we’ve all taken a hike into the forest and came back wearing burgundy, dark green and saddlebrown. 

Drinking wine by the fireplace, enjoying days of staying in and watching movies and looking outside the window and seeing snow-covered pine trees. A perfect winter image that is certainly not happening at the moment. Because 1. I don’t own a fireplace, 2. There’s definitely no snow and 3. I live in Amsterdam, there is no forest with pine trees in my neighbourhood. It doesn’t actually matter, because I have these deep, winter-y coloured clothes to give me the same feeling that perfect picture just did.

Though I encourage everyone to wear all kinds of colours all year long, I myself reach for darker hues during winter. But while it is easy to lunge for simple black or grey, choosing these fall colours creates a balance. It gives you the oppurtunity to link the items to light-coloured pieces that could be part of your summer wardrobe. And in this case, that is my light washed jeans and white trainers with my burgundy coat from Topman.

Hoping that this week might get me closer to that perfect winter image. Because, you know, it’s almost Christmas.


Out of the ForestOut of the ForestOut of the ForestOut of the ForestOut of the Forest

What I’m wearing:

Coat: Topman / Jumper: COS

Jeans: Only & Sons / Trainers: Converse All Stars II

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Photography: Naile Güngör

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