Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade Sunlight

Throwing Shade SunlightThrowing Shade Sunlight

I love the Dutch fickle weather. One day you’re walking all wrapped up in a scarf, wool coat and leather boots. The other you can take off your outerwear and embrace the sunlight. 

And those rays of sunlight were just the thing I needed. Because I’m experiencing quite heavy summer withdrawals, I’m desperate for some vitamine D. Usually, I’m not that sensitive to winter, I don’t mind the cold or darker days. But somehow, having a busy semester and things changing fast, I don’t feel like I can keep up with it all. So than insert the winter dip.

But with beautiful days like these, the sun is throwing major shade at my winter depression. I let all those thoughts sail! So I was happy to see the sun shining so bright, it made strolling through the city a much nicer thing to do.

So on to the outfit. A soft earth-y colour matches great with shades of blue, while keeping the other pieces at ease in black and white. The great thing with pairing shirts and jumpers is the style you can play with. Wearing sneakers and jeans result in a fresh, upgraded look. But choose trousers and leather shoes and you’ve got yourself the perfect smart ensemble.

See you next time!


PS: Only ten more days until Christmas! Got your festive outfits ready?

Throwing Shade SunlightThrowing Shade SunlightThrowing Shade SunlightThrowing Shade SunlightThrowing Shade Sunlight

What I’m Wearing:

Jumper: Minimum / Jeans: Nudie Jeans

Denim Shirt: Selected Homme / Watch: Cluse

Trainers: Converse All-Star II / Socks: Happy Socks

Photography: Naile Güngör

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