Along the Canal

Along the Canal

Along the CanalAlong the Canal

Happy New Year! May your year be healthy, joyful and foremost fun and all that. I wanted to post an outfit with a typical Amsterdam scenery to prelude 2017, because this was my first NYE in the city. 

And what says Amsterdam better than a shoot along a canal? The small streets, houses and offices in traditional Dutch architecture, loads of cyclists and tourists in touring boats. I love it all!

Even though we’re officially in winter, I’ve got the weird feeling autumn just started. Yes, it is cool outside, but it’s not cold. We’ve had a few ‘wet days’, but I actually haven’t seen full-on rain yet. But I’m not complaining. It means I can still wear these easy jacket-based outfits. And when is does get cold, I just wrap a scarf around my neck and I could still enjoy a nice walk along the canal.

Enjoy this first monday of 2017 everyone!


Along the CanalAlong the CanalAlong the CanalAlong the CanalAlong the Canal

What I’m wearing:

Jacket: H&M Trend / Shirt: Jack & Jones

Jeans: Everyday Counts / Shoes: Selected Homme

Watch: Cluse

Photography: Naile Güngor

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