Take a Breath

Take a Breath

Take a BreathTake a Breath

With new #2017goals, Dry January and massive crowds at gyms I can see that everyone has the same struggle as I have. We’re all so busy at the moment! And to that I say: chill. Have a moment to yourself, you deserve it.

Now that the last remains of my semester in college have kicked in, it has been deadline upon essays upon projects that really took over my life. Throw in a new lifestyle of better food and more workouts, a bit of extra workload and you’ve got my whole week covered. But now I’ve taken a breath and realised that I can handle all this because I like it so much. Insert this post, finally a new outfit after a week and a half hiatus!

Stepping back

It might sound like I’m complaining. But I’m actually very happy that I can live life to the fullest and do as much as I want in one day time. And since I like blogging so much, I’ve decided to take a baby step back. Sounds weird, right? But to really keep loving what I post on this place, I don’t want the constant pressure of having to post three times a week. By taking it back to two, I have time to make better pieces and shoot outfits more often. So from now on, you can expect a post every Wednesday and Saturday. With a least one outfit every week.

See you on Saturday!


Take a BreathTake a BreathTake a BreathTake a BreathTake a Breath

What I’m wearing:

Blazer: H&M / Shirt: Selected Homme

Jeans: Nudie Jeans / Shoes: Selected Homme

Socks: Olaf Hussein

Photography: Naile Güngör

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