New In: Goosecraft jacket

New In: Goosecraft jacket

I survived a whole month of sale without buying anything, saving up for more quality wear. Than one day I was strolling around Haarlem and I stepped inside a mens store. Five minutes later I walked out with a bag. In it, a beautiful new Goosecraft jacket.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking: ‘Really Pim, another one?’ Yes, another one! I’ll admit, I do have two other biker jackets. But gimme a break, how could you not take a piece like this with you? To defend myself, I live in these kind of jackets. Looks on this blog are proof of that. Besides that, a classic item like this should be welcomed to anyone’s wardrobe.

I fell in love with this Goosecraft jacket because of its colour first of all. Even though my mom and sister, who I was with that day, thought the colour was grey. I immediately saw its forest green hue. Than the touch. Damn, that leather is soft! I’m used to wearing suede, which has more of a rough texture. Its weight? Like a feather. Because that’s how light it felt when I got it off the hanger.

Truth be told, I was hesitant. Because I was doing so well saving up, but now I had this in my hands. My mom told me that she always pictures me wearing a biker jacket, so that should say enough.

So nope, I didn’t survive this winter sale. But with a jacket like this, I will definitely survive this winter.

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