Pursuit of Happiness ft. Polette


It takes time to find people, things and experiences that suit you and will be part of your life forever. It could be your best friend, your favourite place to hang out or even a pair of glasses.

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about fourteen. As every teenager, I found wearing a glasses quite a burden. You need them for good health, but they don’t necessarily boost your confidence because they are so forthcoming on your face. Over the years, I might have had about six or seven kinds of frames. In that time, I really found out which models fit the shape of my face. But also which designs meet my standards.

Style for less

Because glasses aren’t mere prescribed objects, they are essential accessories or fashion statements even. A pair of spectacles can really boost your everyday look, if you can find the ones that fit you perfectly. And that pursuit for me is complete. These new round-shaped metal frames are from Polette, an online optician with a collection of more than 900 models in different colours. But what makes them special is that the brand lowers the costs of a pair of frames drastically by selling you their frames directly from the factory to your home.

I visited the Polette store at the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam, where they have every model for you to try. I chose the Naul Silver, which I liked for its subtlety. Because these frames aren’t that present, they give my face a more open appearance. I directly ordered the frames at one of their computers after setting up an account and filling in my perscription (which you could check in-store if it is your first time). After one-and-a-half week of waiting the glasses were delivered on my doorstep. It went all very simple and especially very fast. Ordering my glasses at my local optician usually takes just as long, but I have to make an appointment and pick them up myself. Polette makes it really easy for their customers to try on frames. Because if you aren’t able to visit the store in Amsterdam, you could try on glasses virtually. And also if you don’t even need glasses, you could still buy a pair without perscription starting from €9.99.

Cup of joy

If you’re wondering, my friend Rowan and I went to Bocca Coffee to shoot some pictures for this post. This place is amidst Amsterdam’s crowded centre, but the spot itself has a serenity that I haven’t found anywhere else in town yet. The interior is hugely inviting with comfy sofas and big lounge chairs, but most importantly: their coffee is divine. My La Montana blend from Costa Rica had tones of apple and marzapin, a combination of flavours that tasted just as great as it sounds.

So if you have time, go check out Bocca. And if you’re looking your own stylish pair of glasses, have a look at Polette. You’ll definitley find something that you’ll love.

Enjoy your week!



Photography: Rowan Peperkamp

This post is in partnership with Polette. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.

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