Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

I got something to celebrate! A: Because it’s friday, B: Because I’m back here writing again after a 3-month hiatus and C: I finished my Fashion & Editorial Branding minor! And with that, I also officially have summer holiday. I’m celebrating with coffee.

Why not with champagne? Or a pleasant glass of Sauvignon Blanc? Well, I’m enjoying myself with a proper coffee cocktail that I learned to make last week. Because little do people know, coffee might be a drink from heaven (I’m not exaggerating), but it is also an amazing ingredient.

Sniffing, sipping and spitting

Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

Last week, Licor43 invited me and some other male influencers to work on our cocktail skills with Ruud Steenbakkers, senior bartender at The Duchess, and Jasper de Waal, coffee expert at Bocca. We got to tasting different coffees, to find out which coffee aromas (sweet, sour, bitter, hints of fruit or chocolate etc.) would fit with other ingredients like Licor43. We smelled the roasted beans, the grinded coffee and got to tasting when pouring hot water over the grind. But you don’t actually drink the coffee, you sip with a lot of air and spit it out, just like with wine. Funny thing is that in different stages of smelling and tasting, different flavours came to mind. My favourite was the ‘Inga Aponte’a Colombian espresso roast with delicious tones of chocolate and a hint of sweet cherries.

Get to shakin’

Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

Then Ruud showed us how to use the different coffees for different cocktail recipes varying from hot or cold, to refreshingly sweet or bitter and dark. We had cocktails with malt whiskey and orange juice, nitrogen even and of course Licor43. And since I’m celebrating (and the weekend has started), I want to share my two favourite cocktail with you guys!

Recipe 1. Licor Affogado

Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

This cocktail will serve you right as an amazing host/chef when having friends or family over for dinner. I thought this particular cocktail would be a great dessert or after dinner treat. It’s a bit on the heavy side, but after a scrumptious meal you could say this would be the grand finale. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Licor43 (40 ml)
  • Overproofed Gin (20ml)
  • Coffee (30 ml), preferably one with a nutty/cacao taste
  • Vanilla ice cream (1 scoop)

First you make the coffee. Blend the gin with the Licor43 and add it to the coffee. Put the scoop of ice cream in a glass, set your coffee mixture on fire (I’m not joking) and pour it over the ice.

Recipe 2.  Cool Runnings
Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

This is my kind of cocktail on a night out! Refreshing, sweet with just the right amount of alcohol. This would be a perfect welcome drink during a party of a nice beverage hanging out with friends in the sun. And it is easy to make too. You’ll need:

  • Licor43 (20ml)
  • Agave Tequila (20ml)
  • Grapefruit Cordial (20)
  • Coffee (50ml)
  • Ice cubes (a lot)

Put ice cubes in a glass and pour over the coffee. Mix the Licor43 with the tequila and cordial. Pour the mixture over the coffee, stir et voilà. You got yourself a glass of ‘Cool Runnings’.

Cheers to the weekend, drinks on me!



Photography: Tony Pérez

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