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  • Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

    Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

    I got something to celebrate! A: Because it’s friday, B: Because I’m back here writing again after a 3-month hiatus and C: I finished my Fashion & Editorial Branding minor! And with that,…

  • Style

    Pursuit of Happiness ft. Polette

    It takes time to find people, things and experiences that suit you and will be part of your life forever. It could be your best friend, your favourite place to hang…

  • Valentine's Day: A Last Minute Look

    Valentine’s Day: A Last Minute Look

    The roses, the heart-shaped boxes filled with chocolates and the pinkish hues of balloons in restaurants and gift shops. Tomorrow it’s Valentine’s Day.…

  • New In: Goosecraft jacket

    New In: Goosecraft jacket

    I survived a whole month of sale without buying anything, saving up for more quality wear. Than one day I was strolling around Haarlem and I stepped inside a mens store.…

  • Cast out the Dark

    Cast out the Dark

    Sunlight, lighter shades of colour and a coatless outfit. I’m so done with winter, I just decided to pull together a Spring-vibe look to celebrate what’s ahead.…

  • My Favourite Street Style Instagrams

    My Favourite Street Style Instagrams

    If you haven’t noticed by all the buzz on social media and cover stories on tv, it’s Fashion Week season! And during times of continuous shows, you’d think the fashion crowd takes…

  • Take a Breath

    Take a Breath

    With new #2017goals, Dry January and massive crowds at gyms I can see that everyone has the same struggle as I have. We’re all so busy at the moment! And to…

  • Find Me in the Alley

    Find Me in the Alley

    Christmas Holiday is almost over. I’m preparing to go back in full time work mode: I have to finish my semester finished and I got great new oppurtunities at work.…