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  • New In: Suede Ankle Boots

    New In: Suede Ankle Boots

    These boots are definitely made for walking! Who needs snuggly winter shoes when you have rockstar leather boots to strut around in fall? …

  • Style Thief: Rutherford

    Style Thief: Eric Rutherford

    My favourite part of Instagram is getting inspired by users who post amazing outfits or take shots of beautiful landscapes. …

  • Stylish Ethics

    Stylish Ethics

    After last week’s BBC documentary about Syrian (child) refugees working 12-hour days in clothing factories, I was shocked.…

  • Style Thief: Colton Haynes

    Style Thief: Colton Haynes

    This new segment of the blog is called the ‘Style Thief’. It is my view on the style of a particular male celebrity, artist or other well-known figure.…

  • Inspiration: Choose your Topcoat

    Inspiration: Choose your Topcoat

    Streets are slowly getting covered with more fallen leaves, days are getting shorter and especially cooler. Fall is kicking in!…