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  • Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

    Coffee Collective: Celebrating with Licor43

    I got something to celebrate! A: Because it’s friday, B: Because I’m back here writing again after a 3-month hiatus and C: I finished my Fashion & Editorial Branding minor! And with that,…

  • Style

    Pursuit of Happiness ft. Polette

    It takes time to find people, things and experiences that suit you and will be part of your life forever. It could be your best friend, your favourite place to hang…

  • Coffee Collective: Coffee & Coconuts

    Coffee Collective: Coffee & Coconuts

    In a world where highlighting hotspots has become all about the decor, the people and location, time has come to go back to basic and talk about the actual subject: coffee. …

  • Knit-wit


    Even though I usually prefer a fitted style to a baggy and more relaxed fit, cold days are the excuse for a snuggly winter knit. (That rhymed..)…