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  • New In: Goosecraft jacket

    New In: Goosecraft jacket

    I survived a whole month of sale without buying anything, saving up for more quality wear. Than one day I was strolling around Haarlem and I stepped inside a mens store.…

  • Cast out the Dark

    Cast out the Dark

    Sunlight, lighter shades of colour and a coatless outfit. I’m so done with winter, I just decided to pull together a Spring-vibe look to celebrate what’s ahead.…

  • Along the Canal

    Along the Canal

    Happy New Year! May your year be healthy, joyful and foremost fun and all that. I wanted to post an outfit with a typical Amsterdam scenery to prelude 2017, because this…

  • Wrapped up at the Zoo

    Wrapped up at the Zoo

    Getaways don’t have to be out of the country, nor the city even. A trip to the zoo is easily planned, even if it’s just for an hour or two.…

  • Suede Love

    Suede Love

    Oh sweet suede. The material is raw, the texture is unique and the style fits every occassion. I simply love it.…

  • Circus Freak

    Circus Freak

    Besides having a basic collection of items in black, white, navy and grey, every wardrobe needs a dash of colour and a print here and there.…

  • A Friend for Life

    A Friend for Life

    Till this day, I’m thankful for the brilliance of Irving Schott. Irving who? The man who gave birth to the most praised outerwear item in modern times: the biker jacket.…