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  • Cast out the Dark

    Cast out the Dark

    Sunlight, lighter shades of colour and a coatless outfit. I’m so done with winter, I just decided to pull together a Spring-vibe look to celebrate what’s ahead.…

  • Take a Breath

    Take a Breath

    With new #2017goals, Dry January and massive crowds at gyms I can see that everyone has the same struggle as I have. We’re all so busy at the moment! And to…

  • Find Me in the Alley

    Find Me in the Alley

    Christmas Holiday is almost over. I’m preparing to go back in full time work mode: I have to finish my semester finished and I got great new oppurtunities at work.…

  • Along the Canal

    Along the Canal

    Happy New Year! May your year be healthy, joyful and foremost fun and all that. I wanted to post an outfit with a typical Amsterdam scenery to prelude 2017, because this…

  • Blue on Christmas

    Blue on Christmas

    I’m feeling anything but blue is this outfit! For an outfit on the day before Christmas, it is great to have a look that has smart features, but isn’t too dressy…

  • Out of the Forest

    Out of the Forest

    I love the darker, deeper shades that you see in winter apparel so much. It looks like we’ve all taken a hike into the forest and came¬†back wearing burgundy, dark green…

  • Throwing Shade Sunlight

    Throwing Shade

    I love the Dutch fickle weather. One day you’re walking all wrapped up in a scarf, wool coat and leather boots. The other you can take off your outerwear and embrace…

  • Daytime Dapper

    Daytime Dapper

    Dapper dressing doesn’t necessarily mean that you wear a three-piece suit. Wearing the right items and combining classic accessories is key.…