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  • Find Me in the Alley

    Find Me in the Alley

    Christmas Holiday is almost over. I’m preparing to go back in full time work mode: I have to finish my semester finished and I got great new oppurtunities at work.…

  • Out of the Forest

    Out of the Forest

    I love the darker, deeper shades that you see in winter apparel so much. It looks like we’ve all taken a hike into the forest and came back wearing burgundy, dark green…

  • Layer Up

    Layer Up

    Instead of wearing one big fluffy item to keep me warm, I’d rather layer my outfit to beat the winter cold. It’s also more interesting to look at. …

  • Inspiration: Choose your Topcoat

    Inspiration: Choose your Topcoat

    Streets are slowly getting covered with more fallen leaves, days are getting shorter and especially cooler. Fall is kicking in!…